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Judges | The Quarantournament


How to Judge

Thank you for considering being a judge.

We hope to answer any questions that you have, and if you still have questions, feel free to check out our FAQ page.

In order to be a judge for the Quarantournament, the only requirement is that you must be graduated from high school. Preferably, you would have some experience judging forensics, but if not then welcome to this crazy and fun activity! This tournament has two categories: Shark Tank Pitch and Reality Show Interpretation. The sources for these performances can be rated anything, but the performance itself must be rated PG.

Shark Tank Pitch
When judging Shark Tank Pitch, think of it as a silly sales piece. The students will certainly be creative with this one, so prepare yourselves for some entertainment. Students can choose any item they can find in their house (items are NOT required). Obviously, during a global pandemic, students cannot go out to purchase pieces for a forensics piece (or at least we aren’t encouraging it at all). So, your judging should not be based on the item they are selling, rather off of their presentation skills. We do not have restrictions on what the object can be, so don’t mark them down unless the item somehow takes away from their speech. Props used for visual aids such as poster boards, items, and other things you might normally see in a real shark tank presentation are completely allowed.

Reality Show Interpretation
When judging Reality Show Interpretation, think of it as a silly interpretation piece. The students are required to find a reality show; this includes shows similar to The Bachelor, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, American Idol, etc. Basically any show that is based around “real” people counts as a Reality Show. Contestants can select to portray a specific episode or represent the series as a whole. Competitors should be judged based on their interpretation of the selection and how polished their performance is overall (very similar to how you may judge Dramatic Interpretation or Storytelling). Keep in mind that all pieces should be PG-rated, anything beyond this level should be judged at your discretion. The only props allowed for this category are blocks, stools, and chairs. Students can use more than one block, stool or chair.

The timing for both categories is 4 to 7 minutes. Unless a students’ video is way over or way under, do not mark them down. If a student’s video is clearly edited and not a continuous video, this is against the rules and should most certainly be taken into consideration when providing scores. If you have other questions about the categories, check the ‘info’ tab on our website.

How to sign up
In order to judge, you will go to the ‘register’ tab on our website. Be sure to specify that you are a judge on the form. After this, you can click on the ‘account’ tab in the top right to add a profile picture and a bio (include what school you’re from, a fun fact, etc.). To submit critiques, you can go to the judging page where you will see which category you’re judging. Our page will be updated with accurate information as we near the start of the tournament. All judging must be completed on May 16th, 2020 at the designated times assigned to you. You WILL receive such information emailed to you the week of the tournament.

For now, all you need to do to ensure your spot is register for a Judge account, update your profile with your picture and a bio, and sit tight!