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FAQ | The Quarantournament

Frequently Asked Questions

For all other questions, please feel free to reach out to our president, Sam at blochsam@msu.edu or our president-elect, Karah at tanskik1@msu.edu

Competitor Questions

How will the audience vote work?

There will be a Livestream of the final round on our website at 3:30 p.m., and voting will open up on the Live Feed page at 4:45 p.m.

Who qualifies to be a competitor?

All high school and middle school students are eligible to compete at this tournament.

How will the trophies get to the winners?

A trophy will be mailed to each competitor that advances to the Final Four.

What if I don’t want my video published on Youtube?

Specify that when you submit your video.

Is there some way for family/friends to watch and vote in the tournament even though they aren’t competing?

Yes! Family and friends can register for an account on our website, just select the ‘audience’ choice when registering for an account. Voting will only open up during the Final Four

How will we know if we break to the next round?

Live updates will be happening all day on the ‘bracketology’ tab.

What if my team isn’t participating, but I want to compete/what if I don’t have a team?

You still register just like you normally would! Any high school student can compete at this tournament.

Are there rules about profanity in the Reality Show category?

We would prefer for your pieces to stay PG, so please feel free to BLEEP out any profanity.

I have plans on the 16th! Do I have to be available that day?

No, the convenient thing about an online tournament is that you do not have to watch. While we encourage you to keep up with all that’s happening, we understand if you are busy.

Do I have to be memorized?

No! While we encourage it, we want this tournament to be fun, not stressful. If it’s too difficult to memorize your piece, we understand and you are allowed to use notecards if needed.

How do we decide who to vote for in the final round?

While it’s really easy to vote for your friends, we hope that you will vote for whichever piece is the best (which might be your friends)!

How do I receive my critiques after the tournament is over?

All of your critiques will be emailed to you following the end of the tournament.

Will the award ceremony be live-streamed? If so, where?

Yes! We will be having a live award ceremony. Awards will be approximately at 6:30 pm on May 16th and the live stream can be found on the Live Feed page

Can I double enter?

Double entries are allowed at this tournament. A registration fee will be charged for each entry, however.

My coach wants to pay my registration fee, what do I do?

Have your coach email us at blochsam@msu.edu to let us know they will be paying your registration fee. If this is the case for you, you do not need to pay when registering to compete.

Will my video be posted for the public to see and where?

Unless you specify otherwise, your video will be posted for the public to view and will be available on our website. If you do specify otherwise, we will remove your video from all public place after the tournament. Since this is an online tournament, all videos will likely need to be online for a period of time––especially the Final Four.

Can I edit my video and add cool effects?

No. We ask that it is a 4 to 7-minute continuous recording. However, you ARE allowed to record your piece as many times as you would like until you get one where you feel best represents your piece. 

Where and when will the results be posted?

4n6tab.com later that night or the next day. We will also feature winners on our website.

What can I use for a prop in my piece?

In Shark Tank Pitch you can use pocket sized visuals from your home. In Reality Show Interp you can use blocks, stools or chairs.

What's the deal with the weird categories?

Since this is an online tournament, we don’t want students to feel pressured to posting their regular season pieces online. Since many circuits are offering underclassmen the opportunity to re-use pieces, we thought it would be more fair to introduce one-time-use categories that would be fun and exciting while not detracting from the pieces you’ve already worked so hard on.

Where do I pay my registration fee?

Competitors will be prompted for a $4 fee upon submitting their video. If your coach elects to pay the fee for you, you can simply close the payment page after submitting your video. If we don’t receive a payment for your submission (by you or your coach), we unfortunately cannot process your entry. So please, double-check with your coach before submitting a payment.

Judge Questions

I want to judge! How do I go about doing that?

Anyone who has graduated from high school may judge at this tournament. To judge, click on the ‘Register’ tab on our website and click ‘Judge’ for Account Type.

I have plans on the 16th! Do I have to be available that day?

Yes, judges need to be available on the 16th, as that is when the judging will happen. You will be emailed correspondence as to when we expect you online and ready to judge.

Will I get paid?

No, we are not paying our judges, but this is a great opportunity to contribute your time to Forensics! All of the seniors in forensics have virtually lost their final season. Please help us give back to those students by putting on a fun and competitive event.

What qualifies me to be a judge?

You must be a high school graduate and above, as well as available time throughout the day on Saturday, May 16th, 2020.

Will there be some type of judges training for these awesome events?

Visit our ‘judges’ tab to learn what you’ll need to know to judge at this tournament!

How do I receive the videos that I will judge?

Under the ‘judging’ tab which is accessible only with a Judge accont, you will see which videos you are assigned to judging. You will also receive an email the Thursday before the tournament specifying which rounds you will judge.

Can I choose to judge just one category?

No, by signing up to judge, you are agreeing to judge either category.

How do I submit my critiques?

All critiques will be submitted online through our website and emailed to the competitor.

Coach Questions

I have some questions about Judging...

Judge questions can be answered above in the Judges FAQ section. You are not required to bring any judges to this tournament, regardless of your entries. It would, however, be nice to have the extra help. Judges can register for Judge accounts.

I have plans on the 16th! Do I have to be available that day?

Only if you are planning to judge. Judges need to be available on the 16th, as that is when the judging will happen. You will be emailed correspondence as to when we expect you online and ready to judge.

How do I register my team?

Competitors must register individually on our website quarantournament.com. We are not using Tabroom for anything other than spreading the word. If you’d like to pay for your teams entry fees, they may opt out of the payment process when registering.

How can I pay for my competitors?

Email a list of all of your competitors to blochsam@msu.edu. You will receive an email back with a PayPal link as well as the total amount you owe.

How do sweeps work for this tournament?

Your school’s sweepstakes points will be processed through 4n6tab.com we will be running sweepstakes in accordance to Michigan circuit rules.

Do sweep winners receive a trophy?

Yes, we will be awarding sweepstakes trophies to the top two schools in both a small and large divison. 4 trophies total.