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Categories | The Quarantournament

The Categories

To provide a unique and genuine feel, this tournament does not consist of categories you and your team are accustomed to. Instead, we have designed some zany categories that will be sure to produce some hilarious and creative pieces for the tournament.

Reality Show Interpretation

In this event, contestants can choose from a wide range of reality television shows to present. Shows could be game shows, reality documentaries, talk shows, docu-series, competitions, or other “real” shows. Think in the style of unscripted. 

This includes anything from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the Bachelor, Survivor, FYRE: the Greatest Festival that Never Happened, Big Brother, Jersey Shore, the Late Show, the Voice, and so many more! A good rule of thumb, is if you search up your source on Wikipedia, it should describe the content with either the words reality, game show, talk show, or documentary. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Contestants can select to portray a specific episode, scene, or moment, or choose to represent the series as a whole. While the source material can be for any age, all performances must be PG. Contestant may use blocks, stools or chairs in their performance, but nothing else prop-wise.

Contestants may include an introduction with some remarks descriptive of the work, including plot, themes, mood, setting, character, and/or information about the producer(s); such information may be used as transitional material. Introductory or transitional material is included in the time limits and may include singing, humming, or other creative approaches.

Criteria for basis of judges decision: Quality of physical performance, vocal performance and total effect.

The suggested time limit for this event is 4-7 minutes.

Shark Tank Pitch

In this event, contestants can choose any item, made-up or already existing, to pitch to the audience. Items can be anything the contestant desires.

Similar to the TV show, a shark tank pitch combines informative and persuasive techniques to encourage members of the immediate audience and stakeholder “sharks” who serve as potential investors to respond favorably to the appeal. The speaker should carefully analyze this investor-based audience and develop an appropriate persuasive message for the product or service.

 Visuals ARE allowed, but they must be items already located in your house. We do not encourage going out and buying materials, staying safe and maintaining social distancing is incredibly important.

Criteria for basis of judges decision: Topic, physical and vocal performance, organization, development and total effect

The suggested time limit for this event is 4-7 minutes.